Henry Danger - Hallowen Jasper Danger

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Henry Danger - Season 3 Episode 100 Hallowen Jasper Danger

Episode special for the hallowen is the one hundred episode of the third season of Henry Danger. It premiered on November 18, 2016.

Plot :

When Jasper is Kid Danger for Halloween, Captain Man mistakes him being Kid Danger instead of Henry. So it is now up to Jasper to save Halloween.

Henry Danger - Season 3 Episode 100 Hallowen Jasper Danger

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Cast :

Main Cast
Jace Norman as Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Sean Ryan Fox as Jasper Dunlop
Riele Downs as Charlotte Bolton
Ella Anderson as Piper Hart
Reccuring Cast
Jill Benjamin as Sharona Shapen
Matthew Zhang as Oliver Pook
Joe Kaprielian as Sidney Birnbaum
Michael D. Cohen as Schwoz Schwartz
Kevin Allen as Winnie Schwart

Trivia :

  • This is a word play from the Star Trek episode "Trouble with Tribbles".
  • Frittles is also a play on the colorful candy "Skittles".
  • This is the first episode that switched numbers, twice.
  • This episode is part of election night.
  • Henry and Ray were talking about colors Red and Blue (which happens to be the primary colors of their alter egos).
  • This is symbolic of many things like: Republican or Democrat, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, or since it's "debatable", it could relate to Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, where superheroes chose different sides for political reasons.
  • The Opening Sequence of this episode has been updated and now right after Henry says we blow bubbles and fight crime they added his catchphrase back in which is Feels Good.
  • Frittles is a reference of Pringles chips.
  • Ray says "Say hello to my Frittle friend" this is a pun of the widely known quote from the movie Scarface which is "Say hello to my little friend"
  • The wooden thing Piper played to get attention from the Man Fans is called a didgeridoo, an Australian instrument

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